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Columbus PubCrawl

If you haven't guessed yet, we're big fans of bars. Notice the use of a plural there? It's one thing to have a favorite bar in Columbus, but if you're one of those folks that likes sticking to one for hours on end, our PubCrawls may not be the events that are right for you. If you haven't heard yet, we produced the world's largest PubCrawl, and we're constantly trying to recreate history. Well folks, we think that we've found the destination for our next great PubCrawl, and it's right here in Columbus. With a slew of watering holes that are constantly pouring cold brews for locals, these bars range in size and atmosphere. But one thing's for sure, they're all awesome! We know that you may already have your favorite bar in Columbus, but now you're going to get the chance to really see what this bar scene is like. Our PubCrawls bring out the most social and fun-loving folks in town. So prepare for an experience that you'll never forget.