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Panama City PubCrawl

We all remember the days when Panama City was the hotbed for all of the Spring Break action. MTV covered it like CNN would cover a major war in the Middle East, and thousands of college coeds would flock to town for their nightlife and unadulterated fun. However, things have changed and now cities like Miami and Fort Lauderdale get most of the attention. But, there's one aspect of the city that hasn't changed, and it still gets the same, if not more, attention that it always has - their bar scene. If you thought that South Beach had a good bar scene, then you haven't seen anything yet. Panama City packs a slew of bars that keeps folks coming back for more on a consistent basis. The producers of the world's largest PubCrawl,, have decided that this would be a supreme location for an epic series of their events, so prepare for an onslaught of fun.

Spring Break Pub Crawl Panama City