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Rockville Centre PubCrawl

Like to drink beer? Do you enjoy the bars in your town? If you answered "yes" to both of these questions, then chances are that you have, at one point in your adult life, been a part of a good old fashioned PubCrawl. How's it work? Well, you visit the best bars in town, and you enjoy the great beer at each one. Pretty easy right? We're known around the world as the producers of the world's largest PubCrawl. While you may think that it's a monumental task to put together such an event, to be completely honest with you, the toughest part is finding a bar scene that can stack up to our standards. Our standards you ask? The bar scene has to be big, they have to be in close proximity, and they have to enjoy serving cold beer to a consistently flowing audience. Once we came across Rockville Centre we knew that we had a great bar scene on our hands, and that's why we've decided to host our next series of PubCrawls here!