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San Francisco Pub Crawl Events

There's a lot more to San Francisco than the Giants and the 49ers. California's known for its entertainment in cities like Los Angeles and San Diego, but there's a hidden gem located in the northern part of the state that offers up one of the top bar scenes in the state (and many would argue in the west of the U.S.), and it's here in San Francisco. For a city to have a great bar scene there have to be a lot of characteristics in play, but the main one is variety. The last thing you want is your city to only have a chain of Applebee's Bar and Grills. You definitely won't get that when you come to San Francisco. There are a slew of bars that range in theme and size, and as soon as the producer's of the world's largest pub crawl found out, they decided to make this the destination for their next series of epic events. San Francisco will now play host to's holiday and speciality pub crawls that will give locals the opportunity to truly see what their bar scene is all about. A lot of folks compare it to New York City, but we'll be the first to tell you - the bar scene here is truly one of a kind.