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Williamsburg PubCrawl

When you come to Williamsburg, you'll be in the midsts of some the top trendsetters in the northeast. But there's a lot more to this area of Brooklyn than just the style and the endless hipsters roaming the streets, and it comes in the form of their bar scene. When you're looking for great entertainment, chances are you want to get some great variety while you're at it, and what better way than with a slew of bars that are ready to serve up cold brews for hours on end. We're not saying that this is all that there is to do in Williamsburg, but we do guarantee that this is the main attraction. From your typical local neighborhood bars, to upscale watering holes that serve up specialty brews, there's no end in sight. Seeing as this would be the perfect setting for a good old fashioned bar crawl, the producers of the world's largest pub crawl,, have decided to make this the destination for their next big series of events. So prepare, don't say we didn't warn you.